Monday, 10 October 2011

TeraBIT Virus Maker 2.8 SE

I am trying to learn how these viruses work, in particular trojan virus that most often appear this time I do not use notepad to create a script virus. I tried old software terabit virus maker. 2.8 SE for those interested please download here from it please you choose to download through which, a lot of choice.

This software can make a trojan type virus, some uses this software, for example:

     1. How to turn off the monitor
     2. no sound in the volume
     3. her own close IE in 10 minutes
     4. etc. (please try yourself)

And how to use it very easy:

1. Open the first terabit Virus Maker 2.8 SE

2. Choose how viruses work,

3. click the white box Fake error Message and type in the message that the virus for which you are directed to read the message.

4. Type the number of bytes that you want, the greater the bytes that you type, the greater the virus that you created

5. name of the virus prior to install

6. select the images that you want and name viruses

7. The virus then click Create, and then save the settings, exit,
Download link


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